About us

Fueling Your Business with Premium Products

At Fresh Collective, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional hemp and vape products to vape and smoke shops nationwide.

Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures you receive only the best from trusted brands.

Proud Brand Distributor of HALF BAK'D

As the brand distributor of HALF BAK’D, Fresh Collective brings their high-quality products, including the Primo Collection, directly to your shop.

We ensure seamless availability and top-notch service for all HALF BAK’D offerings.

Partner With Brands You Love

In addition to HALF BAK’D, we offer a curated selection of vape products from renowned brands like Fresh Farms E-Liquid, FRUITIA, FRUITIA x Fume, and JUS.

Our partnerships guarantee you get the best variety and quality to fuel your business with every purchase.